Everyone knows that saving a marriage can be difficult. Most couples find themselves in shock after the initial glow wears off at how much work it really takes to be happy, living and sharing everything with another person all of the time. This is probably why so many relationships fail early on and why divorce rates are so high unrealistic expectations.

But saving marriages is important and not just for the people involved such as children and extended families. No, it is important to society as a whole.

When people stay together and commit to working through life, through the entire rough road things are just better. When two people give up on that goal it affects their financial situation and their relationships with everyone from coworkers to family to friends.

Believing in marriage, in commitment has much more to do with who we are as people than about the actual institution of marriage. Regardless of who your partner is if you are able to stay committed to one person it speaks volumes about your character. In turn, it speaks to the character of society.

We have become whiners, people who give up when the going gets tough instead of people who buckle down and drive on. If we can find it in ourselves to fix things on the home front, we can certainly find ways to deal with the issues outside our front door too.

People who believe in commitment make better employees. They are better parents and better friends too. It is true, going the distance in your relationship can heal you in many other areas of your life.

Marriage is hard, having a successful marriage is one of the most difficult things to accomplish in a lifetime. If you can master that, just imagine how successful you can be in your work, your friendships, and your community.

This is not about saving a marriage because of religion or philosophical beliefs. It is about rescuing people from giving up too easily on their commitments. These bonds between partners and families are what makes our society stronger. When people commit to saving their relationship it has a positive impact on their entire community. In turn, when one gives up on that commitment they also give up on themselves a little bit. As we all know whenever we give up on ourselves it is difficult to contribute to our surroundings. Therefore saving a marriage is a key to saving a society.

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