If you ever said that you had zero fight or relationship difficulties with your partner, then you are lying. It is extremely rare for a couple not to have arguments after they live together for a period of time.

Each and every marriage will experience some sort of relationship troubles, eventually. The successful couples are the ones who identify upfront what those marriage problems can be and learn how to deal and resolve them, amicably, of course.

Communication Difficulties

All relationship problems started when you and your spouse suffer from poor communication. Early recognition of poor communication can prevent a big fight.

Determine a time, like making an appointment with your partner to communicate. Turn off the TV, make sure the children are sleeping, put your cell phones on vibrate and just talk for 10mins. Try not to raise your voice and talk in a pleasant tone. Look into the eyes of your partner and give your partner 100% of your time by not picking your nose, playing with your Iphone etc. Look into your spouse’s eyes and nod regularly so that your spouse is aware that you are listening and is getting the message.

Money Problems

We live in a world that is very dependent in money transaction. Through the start of the courtship to the eventual wedding to building your dream house together, these costs adds up and may trigger a couple to fight over money.

To start off, again, determine a time that is convenient to the both of you. Be honest about the current circumstances and take steps to manage it. Be it getting a joint account or managing bad debt. And do not hide any income or debt. Be open to any ideas that your partner might suggests and try to reach a common ground.

Faith Issues

It is a very important factor in any relationship. When the trust is broken, then you and your partner are facing a very serious relationship problem. At this point, you may need professional help if you and your partner cannot resolve the issues.

Trust cannot be earned in a single day, rather it is over time by following a few tips. Be regular. Do what you say you will do. Do call home when you are late. Call when you say you will. Do not bring up old wounds and never say things that you cannot take back. Be sensitive to your spouses emotions and be reasonable even in dispute. Do not be jealous and be a good listener too.

How To Save And Rebuild My Marriage

You believe that divorce is the last resort in any marriage and want learn how to rebuilding marriage yourself, get your spouse to change and how to communicate effectively.

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