The basics of dating have and will most likely always stay the same. Two people meet. One asks the other out on a date. They go on a date and get to know each other. They go on more dates or they go their separate ways and start the process again.

I think the ‘how’ of things have changed. How do we meet? How do we communicate? How do we get to know each other? Technology has changed this for many people. You can find information on almost anyone on the Internet. If you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a blog, your information is out there to be found by anyone. I’m sure many people Google their prospective date to see who they are meeting. There are pros and cons to this. You lose some of the magic of finding it out from them. On the other hand, it might help you dodge a dangerous situation. Either way, things tend to be different today. Here is how:

The Meeting: In earlier years, the only way to meet was face-to-face. Now we can meet online without physically seeing each other.

The Asking Out: Before technology took over the world, the only way to ask someone out was face-to-face or possibly a landline telephone. Now you have all types of social media and texting. I think I prefer the old-fashioned way.

The Date: Dates were simpler and more intimate. There were no phones or computers to interrupt the conversation. Both people could focus on the other. There were no taking selfies or posting food on Instagram or checking Facebook updates. It was just two people having a conversation.

The After: If you wanted to see each other again, you made arrangements before saying goodbye. You met each other again at the agreed upon place and time. Today, we can be in constant communication so we often only make another date by texting.

These are the main things that have changed because of technology. It does not have to make dating more difficult or dangerous. Just stay honest and respectful and you should be fine.

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