1. Art gallery: Find an art gallery opening or just visit any gallery that is open. See new things and broaden your minds. Argue about what different pieces of art mean and have a great time.
  2. Picnic in a national park: Pack a picnic basket and visit your nearest park. Most parks have trails for hiking and exploring. Pack all the yummy essentials and a blanket and have a wonderful, peaceful date in the outdoors.
  3. Hide and seek with a modern-day twist: Play hide and seek in a mall. Send your partner clues through texts or by taking pictures in a specific place. The loser has to pay for dinner.
  4. Farmer’s markets: There are always interesting things at a Farmer’s Market. Shopping with your other half will help you get to know each other better. You learn about how the other person spends their money, what they like and how they make decisions. End the day with cooking dinner together with the goodies you bought.
  5. Movie marathon with a theme: Stay in and have a movie night. Choose a decade, genre or series of movies and have a marathon. Remember the popcorn and other movie necessities.
  6. Star-gazing: Get out of town where there are fewer lights. Lie on top of the car and gaze at the stars while talking. This can be a wonderful bonding experience and create a beautiful memory.
  7. Visit a fancy hotel: Get dressed up in fancy clothes and go explore the fanciest open hotel you can find. You don’t have to book a room. Just have a drink or walk in a beautiful garden.
  8. Old school scrapbooking: Have a fun day out and take pictures with a disposal camera. Develop the photos and create a scrapbook of your adventures of the day.

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