First dates can be scary and nerve-wrecking and first impressions are important. To help ease the anxiety, we have a few tips for getting ready. It will make you look good, feel comfortable and be prepared. It is difficult to make a good impression when you are uncomfortable and worrying about how you look or how your shoes are hurting you. Get everything in place before your date and you will be ready and confident. Take these steps:

  1. Be Clean and Confident: Take a shower, brush your hair, clip your nails, shave, brush your teeth. This will all make you feel more confident. When we feel clean, we feel good. You will feel like you can take on the world.
  2. Choose Your Outfit: Wear clothes that are appropriate for the date setting, but also comfortable. Wear clothes that are ‘you’ and fit well. Make sure they are clean and modest enough for where you are going. You should feel good in what you are wearing. Trying out a sexy dress that makes you uncomfortable or wearing a pair of heels for the first time, might not be the best idea. They might scratch, pinch or hurt and make you uncomfortable and distracted.

3.Keep Smiling: Smile while getting ready. Smile on the way to the date. Smile as you walk in. Greet your date with a smile. Smiling relaxes you and your date. It calms the nerves.

  1. Prepare Questions: Have a few pre-prepared questions at hand. These questions help to get the conversation started when you are still nervous. When the conversation is flowing, go with it. Try not to force anything or feel like you have to use the questions. They are just there for an emergency. They help to avoid awkward silences.
  2. Be Good to Yourself: Think positive and give yourself a pep talk while getting ready. We often don’t realize that we are putting ourselves down. Be conscious of your thoughts and be good to yourself.

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